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About Medivate

Medivate (from "meditate" and "motivate") is a service to help people establish and maintain a regular meditation practice. Our goal is simple: "everyone who wants to meditate, does."


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
Our names are Fred Meyer and David. We're interested in meditation, and in the idea of helping people match their goals to their actual behavior. We started working on Medivate together in January 2012. It's been a lot of fun so far!
Are you affiliated with any (religious) organization?
No. We aim to be compatible with just about any type of meditation practice, whether secular or spiritual. We hope Medivate can help you enjoy the benefits of meditation that matter to you—whatever those benefits are.
Is this a business? A side project? A nonprofit?
Medivate is a social enterprise. We plan to be financially sustainable, but as of mid-2012, our focus is first to make sure that people like using the site and that it helps them.
What's next?
We're really looking forward to seeing how people like the alpha version of the site...