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Reconsidering "Being With"

by davidbhayes (entries)

It's been about a weeks since I had the "insight" that I could "be with" what obstacles came up while I sat, rather than get worked up, frustrated, and angry about them. And at that level, I still think "being with" is a useful idea.

But coupled with a few other things, the loosening up that has come along with the "being with" idea has gone so far in the other direction that I feel like sitting isn't something I'm doing but rather a position I'm being in. 

I feel like there's a tough balance between bearing down too hard in your practice and being so permissive that "meditation" becomes indistinct from the rest of your activities. I know there's a sweet-spot, but I know that "being with" hasn't been a powerful enough concept to get me there. (Which is to ignore the whole argument about the value of an concept in getting you anywhere.)

Posted: 5 years ago

Tagged: being with, bearing down, permissiveness

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