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An interesting exercise in maitri

This is going to sound weird, but try giving yourself a kiss, maybe on the back of the hand.

You should maybe try it first, and then read my thoughts on it below, just to see how our experiences line up.

For me it was quite helpful, because I suddenly felt the sympathy for myself that I often feel for others. It was one of those moments where you're able to look at yourself as if from another vantage point--which sort of points out, I think, the "otherness" of self itself, in the sense that the self that has a name and an identity and so on actually occurs in a larger, nameless, identityless space, just as our experience of others occurs in that space.

So the act of giving yourself a kiss, in my case, pointed out the "otherness" of self, and helped me sympathize with it (or "him") at the same time--a pretty interesting practice, and one that I found quite sweet.

Posted: 5 years ago

Tagged: maitri, friendliness, kindness, kiss

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