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Patience and Restlessness

Restlessness has been the dominant hinderance in my practice lately. Restlessness, for me, is the broad sense that "this should be like that" and that that change should happen soon. This can mean anything from "my hands should be shifted three inches outward", to "I should really be living the life of a handsomely-compensated consultant".

Mostly I've just been trying to meet and see this restlessness as an empty impotent thought, and that's been reasonably effective for me. I'm able to continue meditating. 

But today, the thought of patience came into my head as I had the thought "this is restlessness." And the mere thought of patience sitting in my head, bouncing around slowly, made it feel easier for me to deal with restless thoughts that arose. The explicit thought of the opposite or antidote to restlessness seemed useful to keep around. Like have a secret storeroom of ice you can unleash whenever the room starts to feel stiflingly hot.

Posted: 5 years ago

Tagged: patience, restlessness, meditation, desire, hinderance

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