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My Heart is beating, my skin is itching, and I'm pretty sure my hair is growing

So I feel like I made a fair bit of progress at least on my second day of meditation.

After about two minutes (I can't resist peeking every once in a while) I realize that the constant streams of 123412341234 probably isn\\\'t helping too much. Letting my breathing become a bit more natural I started to notice a few things. First it was mainly envirnomental things (cars passing by the house, the heater working) and I tried to block those out. As time went on I started to notice more... internal things. 

I noticed a few itches on my skin as well as my heart beat, strongest in my interlocked hands. What I found the most interesting was the slight sense of activity I got from my scalp. Now that I know what to look for I can even as a write this zero in on that feeling.

It's a little odd, but very interesting. I'm beginning to wonder what I will be feeling at the end of this.

Posted: 2017 years ago


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