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Mindfulness and Unhappiness

I had my first experience with what I consider to be mindfulness yesterday evening.

I was trying to go to sleep and was just suddenly hit with a truckload of worries about work, all the little stresses that I usually avoid hit me all at once. My meditation hadn't been that effective that day and on a burst of inspiration I decided to meditate a bit to see if it would help.

My goal had been simple relaxation to help me sleep. However I took the advice of "Mindfulness in Plain English" to heart and observed my emotions without adding to them or puching them away. 

Within five minutes I had realized the root of the problem. I was no longer enjoying my work as I had been, which was making me less attentive towards it. As a result I was making mistakes, which increased my stress, which was making me make more mistakes, and creating a negative feedback loop. I literally was shocked at the discovery, it was something I had never considered at all.

So a little progress I think. Not much but a little.

Posted: 5 years ago


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