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In "Mindfulness in Plain English" it mentioned briefly that the unconscious mind has a habit of churning out ideas independent of the Independent mind. I'm probably simplifing to the point of getting the point wrong, but the idea is still correct. I have found in my mediatations that ideas occur to me, probably the lack of stimulus is allowing my mind to do it's thing uninterrupted.

To my point. Today's meditation gave me an idead referring to time.I have no sense of time, it's something that has caused problems my whole life. To combat this I've developed a sort of twitch, a compulsive need to check the closk to realize how much time has passed. 

The anxiety of not checking this has led I think, to a lack of ability to focus on my meditation. Luckily their is as option with the timer to have it chime at regular intervals. I think I shall use this and see if it helps.

Posted: 5 years ago


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