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This weekend I decided to get serious. Meditation has been on and off for over 35 years. The older I get the more important it becomes. I am rereading Autobiography of a Yoga to help inspire. Mostly it is the pictures.

I begin with some brief pranayam and stretching. I am developing a practice that I can sustain...not too ambitious to be unrealistic.

Sunday the 24th was one of the best. My body was very relaxed. It was sort of like looking at the texture of the canvas rather than painting on it, except instead of stagnant it was vibrant. Also, In the mind's eye a small purple/blue cloud forms. It expands but at one point turns black. Then within the center of that blackness another little purple/blue cloud forms. It expands and turns black and another forms inside it... on and on.

Relaxing but unusual.

Monday, Tuesday and Today were nothing like that. Just quiet with maybe a little more sleepy images.

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