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Why is this so HARD?

I decided to do a regular meditation this morning--just sitting and focusing on my breath. I was only able to last 8 minutes which makes me feel like a total failure because I kept getting distracted not only by my own thoughts but by it seemed like everything around me even though the house is totally silent right now.
I want to do this..I do.  I really do. But it's so HARD....I kept wanting to crack open my eyes and check to see how much time was left on my timer.

Maybe I need to get a mantra..that would probably help as it would give my busy mind something to focus on because clearly just focusing on my breath isn't doing it.

Posted: 5 years ago


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I saw this, and felt like writing. I'm sorry you're having (or were having) such a difficult time!

One thing that has helped me in my practice is taking five especially deep breaths at the beginning of my session. I find this pretty consistently calming. Obviously it won't stop random thoughts (which I don't think is necessarily the point), but I think it can create a somewhat more pleasant and spacious environment.

I guess I'd also hope you don't be too hard on yourself! I think it's okay to get distracted; just about everyone I've ever known says it still happens to them, even after however many decades of meditating. So I guess I don't think it's such a bad thing!

fredclaymeyer5 years agoReply to this comment

You might find reading 'Breath by breath' by Larry Rosenberg helpful. It's hard at the beginning, the only way to keep doing it is keep doing it. Please dont give up! 

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