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After about 30 days...

It's been over 30 days of meditation for at least 15 minutes a day. I think that might be the longest streak I've ever had, at least that includes weekends. This site and log really has been helping me to stay with it. Yesterday was the closest I came to not doing it. When I realized it, I was in bed watching TV and got up to meditate for 20 minutes. I'm proud of this consistency.

I'm feeling better in my body while meditating: less upper back pain and less re-positioning because of it. My right leg is not falling asleep until a bit later in the game (I think it used to happen 10-15 minutes in).

Sometimes (strange as it sounds), my ears itch like crazy inside. I think this is a partly mental thing, or maybe it is related to the fact that I usually meditate after showering? Anyway, that's a little annoying sometimes, but I am more able to move past it after having it happen again and again.

I'm finding that the time seems to pass more quickly now, and I don't have as much resistance to sticking with it. I'm not sure that I am getting noticeably better at focusing on my breath and not drifting into thought. But I am getting better at not really fretting about that-- not feeling negative about it. My practice is very satisfying, and I'm very pleased about it.

It seems interesting that as I get more into this, I am finding more and more support and resources. There is a group at work on Wednesdays, there is a community group on Fridays, and there are a couple of other longer half day or full day things that I have found out about. I am also finding more and more people who are into this. It helps me to know that people have a similar sensibility and value as me, and although I value my personal practice, having others to talk or practice with is so helpful.

Posted: 4 years ago


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