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30 minute sessions

I think it is so interesting how my mind and body know how long I have been on the cushion, even if "I" don't. My home sessions had been about 20 minutes, but I've trying to push to 30 minutes. Partly, just to increase my stamina, concentration, etc, but also because in certain retreat or group sessions, 30 minutes is what everyone does. I want to be able to do this with the group without being in too much pain and without feeling overwhelmed by it.

So, I've noticed that at about 25-27 minutes, I kind of shut off. My mind rebels and says, no more. My eyes open. I feel restless and just done. The reason I know it's at 25-27 minutes is that I look at the clock because I start to think that maybe it's broken! I was so surprised to find that my subconscious knows that this is too long compared with my usual sessions. I wasn't aware that it was that ingrained.

Well, now that I know that happens, I tried to be aware of it this morning. I felt it start to happen and I was mindful of it. I refocused on my breath and told myself that the reason I felt this way was because I probably only had about 5 minutes left, and I can make it through 5 minutes in a mindful and concentrated state. This was really helpful, and I felt more successful with my session. 

I'm going to continue trying for one thirty minute-session each day, with other shorter sessions later in the day if possible.

Posted: 4 years ago


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I have found that if i tell myself before the meditation that i want to meditatie for a certain amount of time I start coming out of meditation around that time. Our mind is so powerful that we just have to  tell it what you want and it responds. I remember when I was younger (living in Holland) and being a american sports fan from my hometown the cleveland Browns. the game would start here locally and around 3am and all i had to do is tell myself to wake up at that time and on the minute was wide awake. So stop "thinking" about the time and enjoy!
Best wishes Joe

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