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I have been pretty dissatisfied with my sitting lately. In the new year I have found it harder to be consistent with actually remembering to sit, especially on the weekends. And when I do sit, I find that I am actually doing a lot of thinking and even drifting off or sleeping instead of being mindful and aware.

This morning I had less time than usual, so I just sat for 10 minutes. Somehow, with having less time ahead of me, I was able to focus more. It felt like a manageable amount of time to be aware, not like a 30 minute stretch of fidgeting and thinking. 

Whatever strange phase I am going though right now, I think it would be good to focus on 10-minute blocks. They can be back to back, spread throughout the day, or even just one in a day. As long as I actually sit and as long as there is quality to my attention, this is good.

But also...my morning schedule has changed since my husband started working. I used to get up and shower, then meditate and stretch, then breakfast. Now I get up and meditate, have breakfast, then shower and stretch...and this is why I am so sleepy for meditation. Maybe I need to somehow adjust to showering or waking up somehow before sitting. Suggestions are welcome!

Posted: 4 years ago


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