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Updated Schedule

6:am Buddhas core practice (45 min) Outdoors. Sitting & walking practice
Lama Tsongkhapa Migtsema (30 min)
BreakĀ  Try to work out
Breakfast (breakfast and chores)
10 am: Buddhas core practice Lam Rim (45 min) Outdoors if cool enough.
Study and writing
2 pm: Buddha's core practices (Green Tara) 45 min
Break (dinner and Nap afterwards)
6 pm: 35 confessionals and Vajrasattva (times vary)
8 pm Dharma class M-Th & S


Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones HH. Dilgo Khyentse
Buddha's Map
Heart of Love
Tsongkhapa: a Simple Guide to a Powerful Practice

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