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I have been trying for three weeks to meditate every day for 25 days. Every time I get a string of 5 or 6, the weekend comes and somehow I miss one or both of the days on Saturday or Sunday. I know why it happens-- because my weekday before-work routine is not in place. I get up later, I have a lazy breakfast with my husband...and somehow the day goes by. I am trying not to stress too much about this. Just because I have a goal doesn't mean that I MUST meet it right away. Goals should be worked towards, right? The first week, I missed both Saturday and Sunday, but the next two weeks I just missed one of the days. Progress!

This weekend is different because there is a half-day zen sitting that I hope to attend on Saturday. Then Sunday to Tuesday I am taking a personal retreat, so I will be meditating a bunch. Here's to building up a longer string of days this time!

Posted: 3 years ago


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