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Meditated through the weekend!

I finally did it-- I meditated for one whole week. I am still trying to make it to 25 days of at least 10 minutes a day. Turns out, the key is just to do it. On Friday I let myself sleep in, so I missed my morning routine and did not meditate in the morning. I ended up doing it 10 minutes right before bed. It was not ideal because I was VERY sleepy, but it happened. On Saturday, I meditated 10 minutes right after I got up. Sunday was a busy day and I only had about an hour to myself. I took the final 20 minutes of the hour to sit, and if I had not done that, I don't think another opportunity would have presented itself.

Now we're in Monday, and usually Monday through Thursday is pretty easy because of the morning routine. Here's to making it through 25. I just realized that because this chain started on Dec. 1, Christmas will make 25 days. :)

Posted: 3 years ago


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