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Don't spoil it

So I have been meditating at least twice a day, sometime 3 for about a fortnight now. Also frequently meditating informally, out of posture as and when two or three times a day, sometimes for longer than I can manage in posture. This is certainly the most intensive burst of practice I have embarked on in my life, and actually keeping the practice up seems, touch wood, to be effortless. Against this, it must be remembered that it has arisen as a response to a downturn in mental health to a point where meditation and reading are the only positive activities I seem able to pursue.


The past two weeks have been predomi9nantly about learning to breathe through and around the tension in my belly, which is getting easier every day but most of my meditation is still characterised between a flickering of attention between the breath in the nostrils where I want it and the effort around breathing in my belly where I don't. Still, last week, the effort to meditate at all would leave me with churning tension down there for hours afterwards. Now, I am able to hold for 30 minutes with occasional focus and some capacity to breathe.


As to focus and stillness of mind, I think the trick might be not to try too hard. So long as you put some effort in there are times when focus and quiet just come of their own accord. The point is that when these come just to value and cherish them, so as to cultivate their more frequent arising.

Posted: 1 year ago


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