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A good one

Windows decided to reboot itself somewhere around the 25 min mark so this morning's never got logged. Guess I'll have to do it again later today.

Shame, such a good one. First time in weeks I woke up without nightmares, headache and falling. Just got straight up from the bed and into the meditation. Could feel an ease and looseness that feels like the rewards for the efforts of the last few weeks. I feel this new moon deeply.

Realisation, to hold concentration there has to be effort, at least in the beginning. And if there is effort there will tension. There will be some tightness of breath, some clenching of muscles, but you can't keep running off to fix these things. To get to focus you have to leave the body to take care of itself and trust it to learn to look after these things

Question, is it right that the object of concentration should always be somewhere or something in my head. My objects tend to cluster around
*) sensation of physical breath at the bridge of the nostrils,
*) a semi-visual inner gazing on the line between the eyes
*) a brightness, patch or ball, sometimes rotating at the forehead
*) a perception or visualisation of light flooding down from above and filling the cavity of the head and upper body.

It's not like I push these things, but more like a set of accumulated habits that the unknown doer tends to cycle through. I guess at this stage it doesn't matter what or where you choose, but to choose and then stick with it.

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