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On thought

There is someone posting a blog from this site and an article I read today claims that believing that one can stop thoughts is meditation is erroneous and not even possible. I have thought about this and must disagree. Even if suspending thought completely is not actually possible it is still important to recognise, value and hold on to the gaps between thoughts as much as possible because that, in my experience, is where the 'magic usually happens. By thoughts I am talking about the inner stream of spoken words and imagery, but not the decisions and impulses of the unknown actor who guides and controls the process. Maybe that comes later? I don't know. The 'magic' is where we connect with something 'higher', 'deeper' or 'greater than ourselves; a higher self or higher mind and something which I am lately referring to as 'buddhi' in no particular technical sense. Buddhi is like a mental substance just a brief connection with which can be highly transformative, ably to positively modify personality, attitudes, dislodge negative habits and patterns and generally illuminate one's experience with wisdom and insight.

Posted: 1 year ago


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