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We are the stars inside the Earth

Does the Buddha ever speak of our relationship with Earth?
I do not recall him doing so
But he always chose some park or special place in nature
In which to conduct his tranquil abiding.

Vedanta speaks of being one with everything,
But is not everything larger than all conception?
Earth, Us, Each other
Each becomes one with the other through the third.
Each existing for the other in the third.

It is the Earth that is the Whole of which we are a part
This Earth is fundamental to our sleeping, waking, dreaming
And from the Earth is where we source the deep vibrations
That are antidote to the buzzings of the separated mind

Seek first the midpoint
Found where force is finally exhausted
And surrender is embraced and is embracing

Become like living rock
Become the trees, the birds, the sky
Become the knowing of the Earth

Finding stillness at the midpoint in between
Balancing the egocentric and allocentric views

Looking out from the cavity of the self in all directions
Looking in towards the time-borne substance from all directions
Hold, as a Star, perched upon the edges of the Earth
Become the Earth and source the deep vibrations

The goal of Man
Is to see the Stars as the Earth sees them
To be with the Stars as the Earth is with them
We are the dreams of Stars scattered on the surface of the Earth
Who must become the Stars inside the Earth
We build the shining vault within.

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