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I cant/ i can

I cant meditate consistently for long periods every day. At the same time. 
I can meditate sporadically and for short or long periods
i cant handle speaking with people all day. I can handle soeaking with people for two hours In a day
i cant do the class work for chinese and i cant solve the problems in the text. I can listen to the recordngs and translate the conversations 
i cant be calm and friendyl like francis all the time. I can have friends who are forgiving. 
i cant do perfect. I can do imperfect. 
I cant keep my temper. I can apologize when i lose my temper, i can keep learning to manage it. 
i cant do tests. I can enjoy learning the material.
i cant have my work compared with others all the tIme. I can create work and have good friends enjoy it with me
i cant study at the same time everyday. I can study when I feel like I can. 
I cant look good every day and make a good impression. I can sometimes really make a great impression for a short period.
i cant handle having lots of friends. I can handle having a few good friends. 

Posted: 1 year ago


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I love what you wrote -- it is totally cool!  Me

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