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Dharma Talks

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TaglineDharma Talks that Catch Your Attention
DescriptionAny tradition, they don't even have to call it a "dharma" talk. It just has to be a talk that catches your attention.
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Qualities of the admirable companion
davidbhayes — 2 years ago — in Dharma Talks
This talk (that's an Overcast link, talk's page on Dharmaseed here) from Akincano Marc Weber really struck me. In it, he talks about how important he has found companionship and community in his practice. There are many beautiful words in the second half. The first bit is a bit iconoclastic, so if you're quite sensitive about Buddhism (or any religion) you may want to give it a wide berth.
The point about the difference between Christian and Buddhism monastic traditions really struck me. Indeed, that Buddhist monastics must beg seems quite more significant in his telling that had ever crossed my mind.
In the last five minutes I loved the statement about not trying to convince people to come to Buddhism. The line "They will know how you feel by the way you open the door, rather than the insights your propound" is especially potent.
Like me, it sounds like he really started out thinking that he was more important than community, and has learned to find a great deal of value in it. For me, the biggest and most important thing I've learned in the last ten years is this specific lesson about the value of relationships. I've heard it so many times, but this one talk really resonated for me.


Clarity and Freedom Can Illuminate our Relationships with Others
davidbhayes — 5 years ago — in Dharma Talks
At first I thought this talk from Gregory Kramer (on Dharma Seed) was bold. But as I kept listening it really struck me that not only was it bold, but one of the best, most novel talks I've ever heard. He effortlessly bring into the talk a novel perspective that caught my attention and made me really listen deeply.