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TaglineMotivation to meditate: understanding it, finding it, maintaining it
DescriptionFor people interested in understanding, developing, and maintaining their motivation to meditate. Discussing personal experiences and outside resources (like teachings) are both welcome. Obviously, part of this group is discussing challenges and lapses in motivation; so that's welcome here too. (Not just rah-rah.)
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Article: "How to Find Motivation to Meditate"
fredclaymeyer — 5 years ago — in Motivation


Article: "Why we find it hard to meditate"
fredclaymeyer — 5 years ago — in Motivation
Here's an article that claims to lay out the main reasons we struggle to meditate.
I'm not sure I love the article--there's something about its overall tone I'm not crazy about--but I'd be interested to hear whether these are, indeed, the right problems, and the right pieces of advice for working with them.