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We meditate two (or more) hours per day

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TaglineFor people who sit, or would like to sit, two or more hours per day
DescriptionThis is a group for people who meditate two or more hours per day, or aspire to doing so. You can see how we're doing on the group shared log (below).
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Introduction to the site and group.
Inderbir — 4 years ago — in We meditate two (or more) hours per day
Hi everyone,
Just a short introduction to soort of break the ice.
I'm just a simple guy living in Holland Europe. Learned meditation some 15 years ago and never stopped. In the beginning I used it to try to escape the fear I had for fear, all sorts like fear of falling fear of not being liked. Just about everything. During this time I had the dark night of the soul then Around 5 years ago I started feeling beter and increased meditation for a hour a day. What meditation has done for me is I started living in love and fear went away leaving me to see the devine being that I am. We are all the same we just dont see it with the hustle and bussel of our lives.
Joe Vallee

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