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Question for March 3, 2013: Benefits of Mediation
Medivate — 5 years ago — in Question of the Week
What beneficial results have you seen from frequent meditation in your life?


fredclaymeyer — 5 years ago — permalink
I am much, much more able to be kind than if I were equipped only with ideas.


davidbhayes — 5 years ago — permalink
This is, at the most basic level, the reason I started meditating. I'd feel that I knew the value of being kind, but was regularly disappointed by my (lack of) ability to be so.
For me, the experience of being more kind is really rooted in something that feels more concrete to me, which is a sense of space around my thoughts and emotions. I found myself more able to see and say "angry feelings are rising" and thus respond to the sense that I may be unkind soon. Before, I might randomly find myself shouting without any warning or mental space to correct for the fact that feelings of anger were rising up.