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Question for October 6, 2013: Alternative Reality
Medivate — 4 years ago — in Question of the Week
Do you think your life would be different if you'd never been exposed to meditation? How?


susyn153 — 4 years ago — permalink
I don't think, I know it would be different.  I never would have met my husband, I would be a harpy (cause I was), I never would have realized how my irritation and anger affected other people and myself.  I never would have realized how much I didn't like myself or how harsh and judgemental I was with myself and others.  
I am still all of those things, I just know what is going on and am aware enough to work on it a little bit everyday.  Meditation has allowed me to zoom out and look at myself and others very differently.  We all have value, we all have something to offer, we have all been damaged in some way or another.  The one advantage to coming to meditation later in life is that you have a clear compare and contrast image.  


Kyletin — 4 years ago — permalink
Thank you for sharing with us. I found this a very insightful post. While it doesn't throw out any radical new thinking, it provides somewhat of an anecdote to help others understand how you've benefitted directly from meditation.