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Question for October 13, 2013: Meditation Advice
Medivate — 4 years ago — in Question of the Week
When you're looking to learn or hear advice about meditation, what sources do you turn to?


Lullabyehaze — 4 years ago — permalink
This is difficult because I'm not sure who to go to. I turn to the internet, mostly. I wish I had a person to ask, and I am working at finding more of a community of meditators.


davidbhayes — 4 years ago — permalink
If you don't mind my asking, are there specific reasons you're interested in mediation? That's a great place to start if you're looking for somewhere to get more information.
For me, I really came into it as an idea because Buddhism as a philosophy (not trying to start any fights) was appealing to me. Thus in a series of fortunate coincidences, I ended up listening to some Buddhist podcasts — I listen to lots of podcasts — that are very regularly giving me interesting ideas and thoughts about meditation. 
I can't really begin to guess what brought you to it but I'd love to help you look for or find resources if that'd be helpful. You could reply, message in Medivate (it's the envelope at the top), or email me at david@medivate.com.