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Question for November 24, 2013: Mindfulness Eats the World
Medivate — 4 years ago — in Question of the Week
Mindfulness is a bit of a cultural buzzword these days. What do you think of mindful eating, mindful business, etc?


Lullabyehaze — 4 years ago — permalink
I think the reason mindfulness is everywhere these days is that it IS everywhere-- it is a part of almost everything we do, or it should be. Maintaining a healthy weight comes from mindful eating and moving. Having good posture and a healthy back comes from mindful working and sitting. Having good relationships comes from mindful communication. Etc... I can see how people might think it's getting "trendy" or something, and that can be annoying. But I think anything that makes us more mindful of any part of our lives can only be good because it seems to bleed into other parts of life.


davidbhayes — 4 years ago — permalink
I think you're right. Mindfulness is getting applied in all these new place because it's applicable in all these places. I literally can't think of problem in my life that mindfulness hasn't or doesn't have the potential to play a role in making better. A very good point.