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Question for March 2, 2014: Turbulence
Medivate — 4 years ago — in Question of the Week
Do you ever feel that you mind gets too busy while meditating? How do you deal with that?


Inderbir — 4 years ago — permalink
I have found that my meditations are leading me. what I mean is I can feel energy during my mediations when I felt like something didnt feel right I would look at what I was eating or thinking or whatever and through the years changed my lifestyle like I could feel bad from coffee, alcohol, meat, fish, and one for one excluded them from my diet. also changed the way I look at the world. every morning I would wake and be greatful for everything in my life and would ask for what i wanted in life. and i must say I get it. forgiveness for people places and things have made life so great. These changes keep my mind from being too busy.
Meditation gives you insight in your own body. just quiet the mind and listen.
Before i started meditating I felt like my life was on autopilot. now I am the pilot and loving it.
Love and blessings to all.
 Give meditation time and it will wake you up out of this sound sleep called life


davidbhayes — 4 years ago — permalink
I really like the autopilot vs driving analogy, that's not a way I'd ever thought about it, but feels accurate to my experience too. 
I'm not sure I'm reading your correctly, but the idea that your energy is driving down these tangents resonates with me too. For me — I mostly do mindfulness of breath meditation — I find it's a kind of frustrating experience to just wake up to "where was I?" over and over. When I was just starting especially, that would make me get up and walk away. It still happens a lot for me, but I'm getting better and better about recognizing that this falling down a tangent and returning is the whole point of the exercise.
For me it's specifically this consistent little exercise of mental wandering and returning that has lead to all the positive no-longer-on-autopilot changes you call out. It's shocking in its effectiveness and simplicity. Thanks so much for sharing!