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Question for July 5, 2015: Best Beginner Book
Medivate — 3 years ago — in Question of the Week
What is the best meditation book for someone just getting into meditation? Why?


marcin — 3 years ago — permalink
I think that the best book for someone getting into meditation would be With Each and Every Breath (you can find it here: http://www.dhammatalks.org/ebook_index.html) or Mindfulness in Plain English (http://www.vipassana.com/meditation/mindfulness_in_plain_english.php) both are rather easy to comprehend and they aren't long.


davidbhayes — 3 years ago — permalink
I've never heard of With Each and Every Breath, but it looks really cool. The page there is an embarrassment of riches I'd never seen before. Thanks for the recommendation!
I've read, and can second the recommendation of, Mindfulness in Plain English. Easy, approachable, and free!