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Building a Meditation Practice is Hard.

If you’ve ever tried to start a meditation practice, you know how difficult it can be. Most people who want to meditate are stuck:

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Does any of that look familiar? We’re not mind-readers: Almost every meditator goes through these issues, and more!

But your meditation practice doesn’t need to be held back in these ways.

You Can Build a Thriving Meditation Practice.

What does “thriving” mean? It’s simple: a meditation practice that you enjoy, that you look forward to, and that helps you in your life. And you can develop this kind of practice for yourself—no matter what your obstacles at the moment!

The Key: The Five Pillars of a Thriving Meditation Practice.

We’ve spent over four years talking to thousands of meditators, and we’ve found something simple and powerful: Every meditation practice needs five key elements to thrive. These are the Five Pillars of a Thriving Meditation Practice: Commitment, Connection, Inspiration, Adaptiveness, and Patience.

Together, the Five Pillars are the key to understanding your own meditation practice—both its strengths and challenges—and taking the right steps to help it flourish.

How to Use This Website

You can get started on creating your thriving meditation practice in three simple steps.

1. Introduce Yourself to the Five Pillars.

Read up on each of the Five Pillars to start to understand how they work, how they fit together, and the key role that each Pillar plays in your meditation practice.

2. Join our Mailing List to Deepen Your Learning.

When you join Medivate’s mailing list, you’ll receive a free five-part email course that walks through the Five Pillars in a lot more detail. You’ll also receive regular free content—articles, links, interviews, quizzes—all aimed at helping you understand, in very practical terms, how to build a flourishing meditation practice using the Five Pillars as a framework.

3. Make a Connection!

When you’re ready, meet us in an introductory seminar. We’ll talk through your meditation practice together, and offer you real solutions. We’ll also introduce you to the best uses of the Medivate app—a full-featured online meditation timer and tracker with community support, inspiration, and much more.

Thank you, and welcome to Medivate!