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“Spring Sitting”: a partnership with Samadhi Cushions

gomdenHappy Spring! We’re happy to announce a partnership with Samadhi Cushions, a leading retailer of meditation supplies. We’re calling it “Spring Sitting,” and here’s how it works: During April, if you set and complete a Medivate meditation goal lasting one week or more, you’ll receive a 15% discount on any purchase from Samadhi. It’s free and there are no strings attached—all you need to do is sit!

How to participate

  1. Create a Medivate account if you haven’t already, then visit our goal page to set your meditation goal.
  2. Choose “15% discount from Samadhi” as your reward, and we’ll email you a coupon code when you’ve finished your goal.
  3. Redeem your code at Samadhi’s website.

Please note that “Spring Sitting” is limited to 100 participants. If you’re not one of the first 100 sign-ups, you can put yourself on a list to be notified when further discounts become available. (And please enjoy Medivate in the meantime!)

As with the other things Medivate does, we hope this partnership will help people bring the benefits of meditation into their lives. We’re experimenting more with external incentives—like store discounts, or the possibility of earning money for a favorite charity—as something that can turn intention into action. Obviously, mixing meditation with “getting” things calls for a lot of sensitivity; but we think these ideas hold a lot of potential to help people make regular meditation a part of their lives, and we’re really excited to try them out.

About Samadhi Cushions

samadhi_logoBased in Barnet, VT, Samadhi has been a prominent retailer of meditation cushions since 1975. They’ve been wonderfully generous and pleasant to work with—just as you’d hope a company built on meditation would be. Please check them out; you won’t find nicer people, or better meditation supplies!

  • Audrey Ryan

    Wow, this is interesting for Samadhi cushions! I will try this one and will see if i’ll receive a reply. :) I really love to medititate and by the time i started it, i also love to collect meditation cushions and pillows. They keep me relax and help me with my concentrate too. It’s really nice.