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Adaptiveness is a sense of inquiry and problem-solving in your practice. If you usually meditate in the mornings but your schedule’s changing, what’s your new plan? If you’re feeling “stuck” in your practice, what could help? If meditation hurts your back, what other cushions are out there?

How Adaptiveness Helps

Adaptiveness can get you “unstuck” in your practice.

Adaptiveness can get you “unstuck” in your meditation practice. It’s what steps in and says, “If meditation is torture every time, that sounds like a problem we can solve.”

Similarly, adaptiveness—open inquiry and problem-solving—is the cure for common meditation maladies like “I can’t meditate!” (When we say that, what do we mean by “meditate,” and what don’t we think we can do?) Since the solution to these problems is just a better understanding of what meditation really is, adaptiveness can pacify them.

Adaptiveness is also the “internal GPS” that helps us move forward in our meditation practice. If we’re tired at night, maybe we should meditate in the morning. If we’re dealing with heavy emotions, we can take special care not to let our practice be a source of guilt or self-criticism—and so on.

How to Foster Adaptiveness

  • Ask questions of an experienced meditator or meditation teacher.
  • Read widely on meditation topics.
  • Think about your own practice, where it’s “stuck,” and what good advice you’ve heard or given in similar situations.

Relying Too Heavily on Adaptiveness

When your meditation practice relies too heavily on adaptiveness without the other pillars, it can feel:

  • Over-analytical: “I don’t need meditation, because I already understand what’s being said.”
  • Disembodied: “I’ll never figure this out.”

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