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Connection is about tapping into the power of meditation communities. Whatever your approach to meditation, it’ll be hugely improved and enriched by finding like-minded people.

How Connection Helps

Connection removes isolation, provides social support for your practice, and makes meditation fun!

Being connected to a meditation community helps in almost too many ways to count. Other meditation practitioners can give good advice, honest feedback, much-needed support, and contrasting perspectives. They can act as peers, role models, and even sometimes as cautionary tales.

Connection also removes isolation: the sense that you’re doing something weird by yourself, having thoughts and issues that only you understand. Feeling that you belong in a community of meditators is one of the most crucial supports for your own meditation practice. Being able to socialize can also make meditation fun—in fact, some people only meditate in social settings, because getting to engage with others makes it suddenly appealing.

Finally, community provides huge social support for meditation practice itself. If you’ve ever meditated for hours on end in a large group retreat—and struggled to do the same for ten minutes a day at home—you know what social support is.

How to Foster Connection

  • Search for a meditation group in your area. Googling “meditation [town name]” or searching with your local information are great ways to start.
  • Get a friend interested in meditation, and commit to supporting one another’s practice.
  • Find online meditation communities, like Medivate, the meditation Subreddit, and various forums.

Relying Too Heavily on Connection

When your meditation practice relies too heavily on connection without the other pillars, it can feel:

  • Flighty: “This is getting boring—I’ve got to try something else.”
  • Socially dependent: “When I’m by myself, I just can’t stick to the cushion.”

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