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Inspiration is a sense of the richness and power of meditation. This could range from delight that meditation really does help your insomnia, to love and longing for a particular meditation tradition and its teachers.

How Inspiration Helps

Inspiration breathes life into your meditation practice.

Inspiration breathes life into your meditation practice. It’s what distinguishes meditation from, say, flossing—as not just “a good thing to do,” but a vital and beloved part of life.

Inspiration is often the source of your initial commitment to meditate; and inspiration is needed throughout your meditation journey, or else you’ll lose interest. It’s like water for a plant: you need it in little doses all the time, and in big doses every so often, or the whole thing dries up.

How to Foster Inspiration

  • Go on a meditation retreat.
  • Read from a favorite meditation book or watch video of a favorite teacher.
  • Take a minute to contemplate what you really love about meditation, how it’s helped you or others you know, and how you hope it can help in the future.

Relying Too Heavily on Inspiration

When your meditation practice relies too heavily on inspiration without the other pillars, it can feel:

  • Hot-and-cold: “I was so excited for a while, and now I’m just depressed and turned off.”
  • Acquisitive: “If I could just have [advanced meditation practice, memorable experience, position of authority, etc.]…”

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