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Seminar Series: Building a Thriving Meditation Practice

Five Pillars of a Thriving Meditation Practice

Do you wish you meditated more regularly? Is your meditation practice “stuck” somehow, or are you even convinced that you “can’t meditate”? Would you simply like a more consistent, more enjoyable meditation practice?

You can make 2015 the year where you finally:

  • Experience the benefits of regular meditation.
  • Develop an enjoyable meditation practice that you look forward to.
  • Close the gap between “I want to meditate” and “I do meditate.”

If you’d like to learn how, register for our online seminar: Building a Thriving Meditation Practice!

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The Seminar

“I just wanted to let you know that this website is helping me crawl out of a dark place in my life. I have experienced the benefits of meditation in my past, but I had lost the consistency in my practice and therefore the benefits. This has helped me remain accountable to myself. I sincerely appreciate your work… I can’t thank you enough.” -Andrew, Medivate user

Based on our Five Pillars of a Thriving Meditation Practice, the seminar brings real, usable tools and perspectives down to the nitty-gritty level of  your regular meditation practice.

We’ll cover:

  • The Five Pillars in detail.
  • How to use the Five Pillars to examine and improve your own meditation practice at any given time.
  • Working with common problems in meditation: “I’m too busy,” “I keep putting it off,” “I can’t meditate,” and more.
  • Lots of time for Q&A and individualized advice.

Price and Attendance Cap

Each seminar is limited to 10 people, so register today!

The price for each seminar is $99. It’s backed by a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee if you don’t love it.

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If you’re interested but $99 would be difficult to afford, contact us at; we won’t turn anyone away because of price.