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Kyletin (驼鹿 Moose)

Basic Info
19, male
Lives in
Meditating for
Meditation technique
I tend to fluctuate between counting breaths, thinking in/out, and mentally grumbling to myself about my stuffy-nose problems. ;)
Influences and sources of support
DateDurationHow it feltPublic Comment
GoalSit at least twenty minutes per day, everyday, for five days.

Meditation in Daily Life

Harsh, unfriendly attitudes toward myself
Kindness and gentleness toward myself
'Out-of-control' thinking (like unhelpful worry or rehashing past events)
Freedom from out-of-control thinking; mental stability
Feeling unable to cope with strong emotions
Feeling able to cope with strong emotions
Finding it difficult to empathize with others
Empathizing easily and deeply with others
Panicked or overwhelmed by challenges
Confident when facing challenges
Unable to process pain in healthy ways
Able to process pain in healthy ways
Little capacity to enjoy life
Great capacity to enjoy life
Lack of energy and enthusiasm
Energy and enthusiasm for life and activities
Wishing life were different
Appreciation or gratitude for life as it is
Feeling lost or bewildered by life
Feeling of broad understanding, 'attunement,' or wisdom

Originally taken: 4 years ago

Challenges in Meditation

Lack of time
Difficulty simply willing myself to practice
Boredom, restlessness
Doubts about efficacy of meditation
Perceived lack of results or progress
Frustration, feeling of not "getting it right"
Philosophical or spiritual doubts
Confusion about meditation technique
Strong emotional experiences
Physical pain or discomfort

Originally taken: 4 years ago

Motivators to Meditate

Why I'm interested in meditation: "____"

Spiritual insights or experiences
"Sub-clinical" psychological problems
Improved mood or happiness
Mindfulness, "presence," clarity
Developing compassion for others
Religious reasons
"Clinical" psychological problems
Physical pain or maladies

Originally taken: 4 years ago

Brainstorm of Reasons to Meditate

Personal Time
Buddhist Tradition

Originally taken: 4 years ago