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fredclaymeyer (Fred Meyer)

Basic Info
26, male
Lives in
Boston, MA
Meditating for
10 years
Meditation technique
Shamatha-vipashyana, tonglen; I sit cross-legged, eyes open, and follow my breath. I also notice the quality and nature of thoughts. Tonglen is a compassion practice.
Buddhism - Mahayana, Buddhism - Shambhala
Influences and sources of support
The Path is the Goal (Book or written material), Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (Book or written material), Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind (Book or written material)
Along with David, I'm working on Medivate. I also like jazz music and comedy.
DateDurationHow it feltPublic Comment
GoalSit at least forty minutes per day, six days per week, for two weeks.
RewardSome sort of food

Current Experiences in Meditation

I struggle to practice longer than ____ minutes, but find it easy to meditate shorter than ____ minutes.

I am happy with how often I meditate
I am happy with my session duration
I feel like I understand "how to meditate"
I can meditate without much difficulty
I find meditation enjoyable
Meditation is yielding results in my life

Originally taken: 6 years ago

Meditation in Daily Life

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Challenges in Meditation

It's like I know I'll enjoy doing it when I start, but I still don't want to beforehand
When my life is difficult or very "energetic," it's really hard to practice with any stability
Difficulty simply willing myself to practice
Strong emotional experiences
Perceived lack of results or progress
Frustration, feeling of not "getting it right"
Philosophical or spiritual doubts
Confusion about meditation technique
Doubts about efficacy of meditation
Lack of time
Boredom, restlessness
Physical pain or discomfort

Originally taken: 6 years ago

Motivators to Meditate

Why I'm interested in meditation: "In general, it's the basis of how I understand my life"

Developing compassion for others
Spiritual insights or experiences
Mindfulness, "presence," clarity
Improved mood or happiness
"Sub-clinical" psychological problems
Physical pain or maladies
Religious reasons
"Clinical" psychological problems

Originally taken: 5 years ago

Brainstorm of Reasons to Meditate

Because people need help
Because it is what my life is about
Because it helps me tremendously
Because I function better
If I don\'t, I become terrified
Because I respect great meditators I have known
Because it makes me happy

Originally taken: 5 years ago