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hanjini (Hanjini)

Basic Info
, female
Lives in
New York
Meditating for
19 years
Meditation technique
Vipassana; Four pillars of mindfulness, using breath as meditation object: Mindfulness of body, feelings (pleasant, unpleasant, neutral), thoughts, and dhamma objects
Buddhism - Theravada
Influences and sources of support
Bhante Gunaratana (Meditation instructor or teacher), Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Meditation instructor or teacher), Peter Carlson (Meditation instructor or teacher), Mahasi Sayadaw (Meditation instructor or teacher)
I attend a weekly meditation session with folks who mainly socialize and rarely discuss teachings or current practice issues.Recently I got a lot of momentum from reading Mahasi Sayadaw’s brief booklet, Progressive Insight Meditation.

Current Experiences in Meditation

I struggle to practice longer than 45 minutes, but find it easy to meditate shorter than 45 minutes.

I am happy with how often I meditate
I am happy with my session duration
I feel like I understand "how to meditate"
I can meditate without much difficulty
I find meditation enjoyable
Meditation is yielding results in my life

Originally taken: 3 weeks ago