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jferngrove (jferngrove)

Basic Info
57, male
Lives in
Hampshire, UK
Meditating for
Meditation technique
Sit still and shut up;
Buddhism - Mahayana, Judaism - Kaballah
Influences and sources of support
Theosophy (AAB) (Book or written material)
DateDurationHow it feltPublic Comment
GoalSit at least twenty minutes per day, everyday, for seven days.

Current Experiences in Meditation

I struggle to practice longer than 35 minutes, but find it easy to meditate shorter than 20 minutes.

I am happy with how often I meditate
I am happy with my session duration
I feel like I understand "how to meditate"
I can meditate without much difficulty
I find meditation enjoyable
Meditation is yielding results in my life

Originally taken: 1 year ago