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tusculum (Tom)

Basic Info
55, male
Lives in
Oak Ridge, TN
Meditating for
40 years
Meditation technique
mindfulness; Lots of focus on the breath. Often I count the breath. Sometimes just follow the moment.
Buddhism, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, neuroscience, nondual awareness (advaita)
Influences and sources of support
Pema Chodron (Meditation instructor or teacher), Tara Brach (Meditation instructor or teacher), Byron Katie (Meditation instructor or teacher), Greg Goode (Meditation instructor or teacher), Wu Wei (Meditation instructor or teacher)
There have been a lot of periods of non-meditation during the 40 years since I started. The first time I remember doing something that in retrospect I would call meditation was when I was around 15. I've probably had an active meditation practice for around 25% of that time.

Motivators to Meditate

Why I'm interested in meditation: "____"

Improved mood or happiness
Spiritual insights or experiences
Mindfulness, "presence," clarity
Developing compassion for others
"Sub-clinical" psychological problems
"Clinical" psychological problems
Religious reasons
Physical pain or maladies

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