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vinegarj (vinegarj)

Basic Info
63, male
Lives in
Midwest, USA
Meditating for
20 years
Meditation technique
breath counting, occasional mantra;
Buddhism - Zen, Christianity - Catholic
Influences and sources of support
DateDurationHow it feltPublic Comment
10/19/17157river of thought, stay away from my door.
10/18/17157gotta get out to get in.
10/17/17158slowing it down..
10/16/17156wandering mind star.
10/15/17157more breathing, less thinking.
10/14/17157rainy day meditation.
10/13/17157it was the best of chimes...
10/12/17157busy, busy, busy.
GoalSit at least fifteen minutes per day, six days per week, for six weeks.