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Medivate online meditation timer

About the timer

We designed the Medivate timer to be the best online meditation timer available. We wanted it to be beautiful, simple, and easy to use on any kind of device. We're very proud of the result (but feedback is always appreciated), and we hope it helps you in your meditation practice!


  • Counts up or down.
    The timer counts up from zero, or down from a time you set.
  • Custom chime settings.
    You can set beautiful meditation chimes to ring at the start of your meditation session, at the end, and at intervals during the session.
  • Keeps working on sleeping devices.
    The timer keeps counting even if your phone or computer goes to sleep. (The "count-down" timer can't alert you upon reaching zero if your device is asleep, but it will keep counting.)
  • Responsive design.
    The timer will look good and work correctly on any device, from computers to tablets to phones.

Count up
Count down

Play chime at start? online meditation timer bell
Play chime at end? online meditation timer bell
Play chime during session?